RPS Student

What It Means To Be A Student At RPS?

The students here at Rawafed Private School benefit from a nurturing, warm, and welcoming environment where their individual strengths and weaknesses are both supported and encouraged.

Every student who is awarded an RPS diploma upon graduation is qualified to enter top universities and colleges all over the world, and we are proud that our graduates are well-prepared for a successful undergraduate career, no matter where they choose to go on to further study.

With relatively small class sizes and an excellent student-teacher ratio, we cater for students’ individual needs with tailored teaching methods that stimulate and challenge and one-to-one academic counselling so that students can choose courses that are a good fit for their own interests and abilities.

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Our school is proud to have achieved accreditation by Cognia to provide the highest quality standard of education for students in line with the American curriculum so that students can transition.


Our youngest students are given ample opportunities to develop all the key basic skills they need in reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as in physical.listening as well as in physical.


We aim to make a quality education affordable for every student, with the cost of all courses, textbooks, and MAP tests as well as many extracurricular activities being included within our tuition fees.