Tuition Fees & Payments

Tuition Fees

We aim to make a quality education affordable for every student, with the cost of all courses and textbooks as well as many extracurricular activities being included within our tuition fees. International examinations, including SATs, TOEFL and MAP tests are charged separately.

Our students’ school uniform is available for purchase from a designated tailor shop, and for students who need to use our bus transport service, there is a separate fee to pay. Nevertheless, we believe that we offer exceptional value for money thanks to the outstanding educational opportunities that we offer our students, giving them access to a lifetime of opportunities and success.

Grade Registration Fee Tuition Fees Book Fees Transportation Fees
Pre-KG AED 930 AED 17,670 AED - AED 4,548
KG 1 AED 930 AED 17,670 AED 750 AED 4,548
KG 2 AED 985 AED 18,715 AED 900 AED 4,548
Grade 1 AED 1,225 AED 23,275 AED 1,026 AED 4,548
Grade 2 AED 1,285 AED 24,415 AED 1,129 AED 4,548
Grade 3 AED 1,345 AED 25,635 AED 1,239 AED 4,548
Grade 4 AED 1,395 AED 26,585 AED 1,494 AED 4,548
Grade 5 AED 1,460 AED 27,820 AED 1,500 AED 4,548
Grade 6 AED 1,460 AED 27,820 AED 1,530 AED 4,548
Grade 7 AED 1,575 AED 30,005 AED 1,900 AED 4,548
Grade 8 AED 1,575 AED 30,005 AED 2,200 AED 4,548
Grade 9 AED 1,700 AED 32,380 AED 1,800 AED 4,548
Grade 10 AED 1,825 AED 34,675 AED 1,675 AED 4,548
Grade 11 AED 1,955 AED 37,145 AED 1,850 AED 4,548
Grade 12 AED 2,090 AED 39,710 AED 2,250 AED 4,548

*In case of withdrawal before the beginning of the academic year the registration fee is non-refundable.
*The registration fee is 5% of tuition fee

Payment Methods

Payments of fees can be done through the following methods:

Cash / Credit Card Payments

In UAE Dirhams only;

Cheque payment

payable to Rawafed Private School drawn in local banks

Wire transfer payment

With applicable fees being paid by the sender, to the below bank account:


Bank name: First Abu Dhabi Bank


A/C No:: 1011001500102019


IBAN No: AE750351011001500102019

In case of bank transfers, it is a must to indicate the student registration number in order to apply the payment accordingly. Please send the proof of payment to to credit the student account.

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